Method capture great images from a new angle.

​Method takes it’s camera to the skies, shooting stunning images from a bird’s eye view.

  • Want to generate new business?
  • Want to show your venue to it’s full potential?
  • Aerial photography or an aerial video captures the setting and scenery where regular photography can’t?
  • People are drawn to video. A punchy, professionally shot video helps people understand the service you provide, builds trust, and improves your standing on search engines.
  • Method have qualified pilots and are fully licensed and insured.
  • Once post-production is complete, you can then share the end product online and across social media, to draw new customers to you.

​​One of the toughest challenges facing a business is quickly getting across your company message, along with directing users to your website, social media page or even your digital advert. Audiences don’t stay long before moving onto the next image or browser window they have open, this gives you a very limited window to capture leads with all the competitive digital noise in their busy lives.

Video online has come a long way, gone are the days of videos being hidden away on YouTube, they can be now be used as a Facebook header, played on Twitter feeds, used as a hero image on your website, fed to all other social media channels and used at your event. They can also self-play on many devices, removing another potential roadblock from your users not pressing play.

Aerial photography and aerial promotional videos are a tool that top companies are using more and more, giving them the edge over their competitors. Well targeted video messages to potential clients give users the information they want quickly – when they want it however, is another trick, but that’s probably a blog for another time!