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We break web design into two main elements UX & UI. User Experience (UX) Design is the enhancing of client satisfaction, with better usability and accessibility, while User Interface (UI) Design focuses on creating stunning visual user interfaces for software, websites and mobile devices.

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UX and UI Design
User Experience

User Experience

Whether the customer is viewing your website to find your contact details, researching your previous work to see if you’re the right fit for their custom or even unpacking a product recently bought, this all falls under UX.

A user navigates a site depending on their objectives, the ease to which they complete this objective is down to how good the site’s UX is. We want to make this objective easy to achieve, so they have a great experience and are more like to come back or share there experience with other potential customers.

Company Objectives

Company Objectives

UX doesn’t just stop at the user and their goals, your business will also have an objective or target that need to be reached. These are typically more sales or leads, but they can be more specific, for example, we want to have more Facebook likes, or product brochure downloads. These objectives also need to be thought about and reached.

You know when you’re using a website, an app, or your phone and you get frustrated when it doesn't do what you want it to? My job is to make sure that doesn't happen.
James Roberts

James Roberts Method Design

User Interface Design Mock-ups

User Interface Design Mock-ups

High fidelity mock-ups that take into account user-flows and wireframes, producing a solid researched foundation for a creative web style.

We are a design company that concentrates on building websites and apps that not only offer all the functionality you want but also give a fantastic user experience. We lead with design, creating visually stunning sites that get everyone talking, including your clients.

User Flows and Sitemaps

User Flows and Sitemaps

A user flow is a route the user takes to complete their objectives on a website or app.

The flow tracks the user from their entry point through a number of steps towards a final action, such as buying a product. This flow allows us to check all user personas meet the objectives and goals they have while navigating the website.



Just like the blueprints for your house, interactive wireframes allow us to test layout before we move onto high fidelity mock-ups.

Wireframes can back up our research and prove the design concepts are going to work to achieve the correct goals and objectives.

Without doubt the most professional, reliable, creative and efficient web designers I have ever had the good fortune to work with! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Marc Moore

Marc Moore Jack Bunneys

UX Review

UX Review

A UX report gives you the information to help get your website on track. Beginning with a detailed look at the objectives of both the user and the business, we can start to review the site on how productive it is in meeting both parties’ goals. Quality checks eg. broken links User experience check Accessibility User Flows Use of technologies by this website (how friendly the site is with different browsers/devices) A report on findings and suggestions.

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Some examples of our ux and ui design work

Excellent quality graphics. Always fulfil briefs, professional service and very quick turnaround.
Theresa Hayes

Theresa Hayes Fish4Dogs

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