Roddy Peters
"You have all these plans to act, and maybe do it rather elegantly, and then they turn the rain machine on… (Bill Nighy)"

Roddy Peters - Content Generation

Roddy is one of our content creators, our resident wordsmith (like a blacksmith but fewer horses).

Roddy is our content generator. Which is a very smart way of saying ‘he writes words down’ and a fitting role for someone described by Mrs. Dally in Year 3 as having “verbal diarrhoea”.

A professional actor, it’s more likely you’ll have encountered him on stage, at the Birmingham Rep for instance, than on your telly – but those with keen ears might once have caught him on The Archers. He records audiobooks for the RNIB, likes discovering archaic grammar rules, and can do a special whistle that sounds like a warbling bird.

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