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Method is a growth agency. We don’t just sit idly by. We love our customers and treat them all as individuals. We listen to their needs, partnering with people to provide valuable content which builds trust.

We’ve nurtured your brand but now to fly the nest and squawk your name from the treetops. We are your new flexi-hours employee with a million arms, ready to digitally market you to the world in a way that attracts, engages, and delights.

That will bring you fresh leads and, crucially, better quality leads. It’s time to get your wings. It’s time for growth.

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The passive, scattergun approach is dead. We’ve all become numb to unsolicited materials. Leaflet-dropping every house in a postcode area doesn’t work.

Enter: inbound marketing. Using tools to track and monitor interactions with your valuable potential clients, we can get you better quality leads and in tending to them, increase your conversion rate. That’s more happy customers.


Great content is what makes a successful inbound strategy. We can boost your ranking in Google results with SEO, schedule tweets or write blog posts to keep driving traffic to your website. It’s all about making yourself irresistible. Online coupons, live-streamed events or even ebooks we can generate the material that gives you a competitive advantage.

Let’s get growing.

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As a HubSpot partner, Method are enthusiastic champions of what at heart is an extremely hard-working Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).

It manages social media. Lets you spot the most popular landing pages of your site so you can better target Call To Actions (CTAs). You can send newsletters, place adverts on LinkedIn, manage your GDPR compliance and generate smart content so your website dynamically morphs as people return.

It speaks the same language as many of the apps you may already use like Mailchimp, Slack, Eventbrite, and SurveyMonkey but uniting the data and unveiling new leads.

Working with Method is always a dream. We just love Laura, James and the rest of the team. For over 10 years they’ve provided their notions. On how to maximize our attempts at promotions. They take our simple ideas and technical facts. And stitch them together- designed to the Max. Whether video, brochure or a complex website. We know that with Method it will turn out just right.
David Taylor

David Taylor
Managing Director - Phillip Payne



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