Paul Jackson
"Photographers are dangerous people, first they shoot you, then they frame you, then they hang you on the wall!"

Paul Jackson - Digital Marketing Manager

Paul is our digital marketing manager and senior photographer/videographer with many talents, including avoiding ironing. He comes from a press photography background meaning he can handle fast deadlines and is used to shooting in a wide range of settings. Paul is also a qualified UAV pilot and drone operator.

Like our Managing Director, Paul is an Aston Villa fan (apparently this isn’t the reason he got the job… but it helped). He appears to be trying to takeover the Lego Group, by slowly buying up all of their stock and so when he isn’t shooting photos or video, he can be found playing with his son Sam, who coincidentally happens to support his Dad’s choice in football team.

In 2016, Paul has passed his ground school and flight exams, meaning his cameras can be sent skywards, to record sweeping aerial video as part of Method’s range of drone services.

Paul is allergic to nuts and Microsoft Windows.

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