Dechra Veterinary

One of the fastest-growing global brands in the veterinary market, Dechra veterinary create superior quality pet foods and pharmaceuticals. Requiring a concise and professional image which would communicate the expertise behind Dechra, Method designed clear and concise branding and marketing tools for the company. Focusing on the science behind the products, using clinical design techniques Dechra’s branding appeals to professionals. Method worked closely with the brand to create consistent, problem targeting products which feel honest and comprehensive.


I have worked with Method for many years in 2 different companies across 2 different brands for print and digital design materials and packaging. It has been a pleasure working with them. They have created a strong and consistent look for my brands. Not only is their design work strong but they get it right first time making the process quick and economic.

Dominic Ebery
Marketing Manager - Dechra Veterinary Nutrition