PepperPot Jewellers

A treasure trove of bespoke antiquities and gifts, PepperPot jewellers are based in Leominster. Refining a traditional aesthetic, which feels relevant and relatable, Method Design created signage, stationery, gift cards and shop frontage for the boutique. Endeavouring to match the themes and colourways of the brand with the picturesque landscapes of the area, a gentle, warm vision for PepperPot took form. Appealing to a wide-ranging audience, a unique and personable image was created for the shop, representing the subtle nuisances which are key to the brand.


What a perfect design team! The branding of my shop Pepperpot in Leominster is better than I could have ever hoped for and I get daily compliments on how lovely the shop frontage is! Thank you!

Victoria Wright
Owner & Founder - Pepperpot