Philip Payne

Established in 1968 Solihull based, international specialist lighting company Philip Payne are the architects brand of choice. Market leaders in quality and contemporary design, Philip Payne are regularly commissioned to work on custom projects for the UK’s most iconic buildings. Illuminating the considered, clean and professional values of the brand’s vision, Method Design established a uniform aesthetic which expresses the expertise and sophistication of Philip Payne organically. Marrying glamour with pragmatism, this was a dynamic project with great potential.


Working with Method is always a dream. We just love Laura, James and the rest of the team. For over 10 years they’ve provided their notions on how to maximize our attempts at promotions. They take our simple ideas and technical facts and stitch them together. Whether video, brochure or a complex website they will turn out just right.

David Taylor
Philip Payne